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Sustainable Future Festival

The Sustainable Future Festival will take place this year at our new venue Memorial Park at the Entrance on Friday the 13th of September (school education day) from 8:30am - 2:30pm, and our community day, Saturday the 14th of September from 9:00am - 5:00pm.


Our amazing stallholders will be running flow in/ flow out style workshops and performances running throughout both days, showcasing all things living sustainably, special keynote speakers, along with free face painting for the kids and a range of food trucks.  

Our community day line up for Saturday 14th September will be announced soon!

SSF 2023_background.jpg
Whats On - School Day


Amelie Ecology:

Amelie Ecology writes and perform educational, ecology music for children (and inner children!) at festivals, in schools and in community. Their insect cabaret is a science meets musical theatre show about the ecology of invertebrates.

Junkyard Beats:

Junkyard Beats transform ordinary household items and recycled materials into musical instruments that are guaranteed to amaze and inspire students about music and sustainability.

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Recycle Fashion Parade -

Fairhaven Op Shopping Village:

Fairhaven’s Op Shopping Village is home to the best value sustainable shopping destination on the Central Coast! Discover a huge and ever changing range of pre loved fashion with some great ensembles showcased on stage

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Parker the Platypus:

Meet Parker, one of the most elusive yet adorable animals that live in our waterways. Our platypuses need healthy waterways and streambanks in order to survive, and there are several ways we can help these amazing creatures! Join the Parker and the Central Coast Waterways team to learn more about protecting Parker‘s habitat!

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The Super Sustainables:

Meet The Super Sustainables roaming around the festival grounds and performing on stage, as they continue on their mission for you to join them to keep the coast as beautiful as ever and save the planet!

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The Trash Pixies:

A colourful collaboration of creatives that come together to invent vibrant costumes from trash to give them a second life, as well as drive home the messaging to avoid littering, refusing and reducing items!.

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Workshops - Flow In/Flow Out:

Waste To Art - Renewy Living:

Join us to build one incredible artwork made entirely with trash and items you would find out in nature! Learn how to make your own natural glue that is 100% sustainable, as well as working with various mediums to compose a unique and stunning design. This community artwork will be displayed at Buttonderry Waste Management Facility post event.

Wildlife Engagement - Central Coast Zoo:
Is it a reptile? Is it a marsupial? Your school will have the opportunity to interact with some incredible species at any time throughout your excursion. Central Coast Zoo want people to engage with their animals, learning about their ecology and role in the ecosystem – playing a vital role in conservation, education and connecting people with their extended animal family.

Trash to Treasure - Banish:

Transform you bottle tops from home into fun, colourful and meaningful products such as pens, with NSW Young Australian of the Year, Lottie Dalziel. It’s a hands on experience where students get to participate and walk away with so much knowledge and some items for your school made entirely from recycled plastic!

Preserve to Conserve - Permaculture Hawkesbury:

Learn how to minimise food waste and extend their life by preserving produce, food scraps and more via canning, pickling and fermenting. Reduce waste, food miles and packaging whilst creating some delicious and nutritious foods!

Make Your Own Music - Junkyard Beats:

Learn how to make your own instruments from trash and join the band for some choreographed music and fun! Add to the sensory music wall that we started to build in 2023 and paint the items with VOC free, eco friendly materials.

DIY Play Dough - Curious Creators:

Make your own play dough with sustainable dyes to take home and create something awesome. Get back to basics and avoid plastic packaging, whilst learning more about how to keep your dough fresher for longer!

Natural Skin Care - Honey Bee House Skin Co:

See where all of their products are sourced from locally and learn how to make your very own milk and honey bath from locally sourced, natural and organic ingredients. All ingredients, labelling and packaging is zero waste, 100% biodegradable, plastic free and responsibly sourced.

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Workshops - Scheduled:

DIY Wormfarm -Synergy Permaculture:

Join Kerrie on stage in this highly informative session to discover how many ways you can make your very own worm farm using items that you can find and repurpose! Learn why worm farming is so important as well as items to avoid adding in.

Bees Wax Wrap Making - Synergy Permaculture:

A step by step demonstration ran at the Synergy Permaculture stand that will show how simple it is to create your own Bees Wax Wraps at school or at home using old/recycled material and a few simple items. Perfect for food storage through to gift wrapping and the best alternative to single use plastic, paper and foil products!

Recycling Plastics - Resourceful Living:

Jess is back on stage to demonstrate the different types of plastics that can be recycled and those that cannot. Be inspired by what Resourceful Living are doing to reuse these plastics to create some amazing items, from drink coasters to pots and tables!

Indigenous Dot Painting - Earth Sacred Arts:

Hosted by the creators of our commissioned 1Coast “Caring For Coast” artwork, join Shane and Jodie to understand what all of the components of their stunning artwork mean and create your very own dot painting from these elements on a river rock for students to take home or place amongst your beautiful school garden

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Learn all about sustainability, living a plastic-free lifestyle, recycling plastics and so much more with Lottie.


Curby partners with Councils to collect soft plastics from the community via the existing yellow recycling bin. Learn about what can you put in your recycling and Curby soft plastics bag.

Central Coast Waterways

Central Coast Waterways will have their Interactive water quality display stand and Platypus mascot on show for all to see! The Team will be teaching us about environmental management of our waterways!

Curious Creators:

Eco-based workshops with natural materials, join in on making handmade play dough with natural dyes

Earth Sacred Arts:

Join Shane and Jodie Taylor, the talented local indigenous artists that created the beautiful “Caring For Coast” artwork, to learn about dot painting and meaningful symbols. View their spectacular creations and discover their techniques and mediums.

Honey Beehouse Skin Co:

Natural, sustainable skincare made in Australia. Aiming for a plastic free future. Taking care of you and taking care of the planet!

IQ Renew:

Informative stall with what they do to recycle soft plastics around the Central Coast and beyond!

Renewy Living:

Helping local communities adopt everyday sustainable practices and lifestyles that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable in the long term.

Resourceful Living:

Creates products using plastic waste, with a wonderful story to be shared from each piece of where they came from

Upcycled Art by Mina:

Mina creates colourful, fun and useful decor and art pieces out of waste and will teach you how to not waste anything!

Fairhaven Op

Shopping Village:

Fairhaven Op Shopping Village will present a market style stall showcasing the best of the preloved items they have for sale. There will also be a fun fashion parade!

House of Tierney:

House of Tierney are passionate about creating products that LAST and contribute to a SUSTAINABLE circular economy. You will see their stall decked out with beautiful long lasting pieces ranging from kids toy furniture to personalised homewares!

Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley:

A permaculture education facility with a passion for sustainability, self reliance and food security


Is an environmental education centre which provides syllabus related fieldwork at ideal Central Coast locations and supports environmental sustainability.

2nd Vie:

Handmade, sustainable products such as tote bags, bees wax wraps, flannel wraps and more - all from recycled materials

Cleanaway Collection Vehicles, Lawn Games & much, MUCH more!!

Other Interactive Activities:

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